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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

Men and Women of Almighty God,


    Christian greetings. HE IS RISEN!!!!!


    Paul wrote, “This is the will of Godyour sanctification…..” I Thessalonians 4:3 ___ According to the writings of Oswald Chambers; there is a “death side” and “life side” to sanctification. I challenge you to read the July 22 & 23 entries in “My Utmost For His Highest.” Sanctification is a biblical and a Wesleyan teaching; a great message for people to hear and respond. 


    It’s been a couple of weeks since I connected with you via email. Conference and Power allowed us to see each other face to face and perhaps catch a brief conversation. To be candid, I do not get much quality “talk time” at Conference with individuals due to the volume of people and the heavy schedule. It was good to see many of you however, even if it was from across the room in some cases. Our time together last week was very good. For those of you who intentionally prayed for me as I/we approached the Sunday night rally, I am grateful. Thank you very much!!!!! The Lord met with us, and I witnessed what I had envisioned. Praise the name of the Lord! Let’s continue to “throw open the sanctuary doors” of our churches and allow the Holy Spirit to come in. The key to God’s power is to pray and tarry, pray and tarry; and at just the right time, He will come. 

  If you would like to schedule us to come visit, work with your leadership team, or preach, click this link here

   I welcome the Rev. Tim Kirkpatrick to our leadership team. Pastor Tim is already working; he cares deeply about you and our beloved district. He has forwarded information to you this week via email that I ask that you respond to as it applies to your context. Our primary mode of communication will be email, but we will also be bumping up our Facebook presence. The Kirkpatrick family will be going on a previously scheduled vacation beginning July 24th – August 2nd. Please allow Pastor Tim privacy during that time and reach out to me when you have a need. He will then be at family camp for a couple days the first week of August; both of us will be available during that time. Pastor Tim is married to Katie and they have 3 children. 


   I have received some great reports from last Lord’s Day; I see it as an overflow of Conference and Power. At Jordantown Wes (Rev. Lewis Brandon), God is moving; people were praying around the altars. New people are beginning to attend that rural local church. PTL!!! In Parkersburg at The Gathering (Rev. Melody Smith), one individual crossed the line of faith and 3 went beneath the waters of baptism! COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!!! In Waynesboro (Pastor Dustin Gilmer), a person said “YES” to Jesus; a wonderful spirit flowed through the worship hour! AMEN!!!! Speaking of Pastor Melody, her brother gave his heart to Jesus last week; a miracle truly happened before our sister’s eyes. THANK GOD!!!! Our sister watched her dad die and witnessed her brother’s new birth! How about that!!!!!!! Teammates, God wants to do “greater things” through us. Are you with me? 


    I am pleased to announce the DBA approved the launch of a circuit of micro churches in West VA. Pastor Davana Marcum has been officially appointed as the lead for the collective that we will call @home church. The mission of this new venture is to be an empowering agent, made up of relationally and interdependently connected churches/micro-ministries focused on multiplying and connecting healthy disciples, leaders, teams, churches, and networks… Rev. Jess Holmes (CMAD) worked with Davana and her husband Patrick Marcum (Lay Pastor) on presenting the project to the district board. Would you pray for the Marcum’s and @home church? Let’s multiply, Shenandoah! 


    Family Camp is right around the corner. August 2 – 8 are the dates, and Culloden, WV is the place. Pastors, camp meeting is a good time for YOU to rest, fellowship, and receive. I challenge you to join us for a few days at least. Dr. Tom Hermiz will be preaching in the 7 p.m. services Monday – Saturday. There are some decent dorm rooms available still and some area hotels if you prefer hotel living. Becky and I are planning to be there Sunday evening through Thursday morning; come and hang out with us. Hillbilly Hotdog, anyone????? 


   Allow me to thank Brother Bobby Phaup and Brother Randy Garner for their many faithful years of service on the DBA. Both men have represented the district conference well and have put their heart and soul into their service. The board for the next two years is made up of: Mr. Edward Arrington, Rev. Myron Atkinson, Mr. Jerry Bray, Dr. Sam Frye, Mrs. Carrie Hopkins, Mr. Daniel Laffoon, Dr. John Ott, Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez, Rev. Herb Shaffer, Rev. Bill Smith, Mrs. Sarah Torrez, Rev. Windy Walton, and Mrs. Diane Wooten. Pastor Tim and I also serve by virtue of our offices. Please let us know how we can best serve you and your local church. 


    This Week’s Prayer Needs:

  1. Mrs. Jenny Stephens – is very weak. Our sister is at home but not up and about much at all.
  2. Rev. Russell Wooten – is recovering from recent surgery; he too is at home under “Nurse Diane’s” loving care. 
  3. Mrs. Lin Koppen – continues chemo treatments... 
  4. Rev. Randy Watts – will be having surgery very soon related to a serious kidney disease. 
  5. Rev. Arnold Barnes – is recovering from recent medical procedures. 
  6. Clergy Care Retreat – September 23 -25. Please get this on your calendar; it’s “must see TV”! 


   Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day on Sunday! Preach holiness my friend!

Pastor Greg