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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

February 26,2021

Christ Followers and Fellow Wesleyans,

Christian greetings! HE IS RISEN!!!!!! 

The Word of God says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you: he will never let the righteous fall.” Psalm 55:22 ____ Our awesome God has HUGE shoulders and He can carry and help us through days of illness, death, and hardship. Hang on, Teammates, “joy comes in the morning”!!!!!!

I am in St. Louis, Missouri for meetings yesterday and today with fellow DS’s and our wonderful GS; Dr. Wayne will actually join us this morning. I will be back in Virginia tonight, the Lord willing, and will be a part of a funeral Saturday morning. 

As we move into the season of pastoral transitions and voting I find myself on the move. Last week I was in Martinsville working with Clearview’s LBA in their pastoral search and this week I was in Remlik, VA meeting with the team as they prepare for voting. It was a joy to sit with Rev. BJ Haas as we reviewed his evaluation and then to lead the Remlik board in unanimously recommending a 4 year renewal of service. These processes will continue over the next several weeks. We actually have 4 local churches participating in Pastoral votes next month. 

Please allow me to once again remind you about the upcoming “Spiritual Warfare Academy” that begins on March 4th. The Rev. Tony Johnson will be serving as instructor and will provide great leadership to the learning. I encourage you to sign up (pastor@threestrand.org). We are in a spiritual war and we need to know how to fight. We may not normally think of spiritual warfare as being a part of making disciples, but in reality it is. Jesus says, “GO and make disciples”. 

Easter is coming quickly. AMEN!!!! I hope that you will plan Holy Week gatherings for your people and surrounding community. Local churches that are fairly close to one another can join together in planning worship and/or outreach events. Let’s NOT sit back and do nothing….. On Easter Sunday or at another time I want us all to receive a great Multiplication Offering together. Again, you may place that offering in your local multiplication fund, share it with a sister church, or hand it off to the district for our Shenandoah Multiplication Fund. How that offering turns out will largely depend on how you promote and support it. We do want to see a wave of multiplication form and move through VA and WV as we endeavor to close the Gospel Gap. COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!!  

I am hearing good reports from various parts of Shenandoah. For example, on Wednesday night (24th) First Simple (Dr. Sam Frye) had 53 adults and 18 teens engaged in discipleship and sermon application. For a local church that sees about 100 worshippers on a Sunday morning that is a GREAT return on Wednesday night. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Waynesboro Wes (Pastor Dustin Gilmer) is experiencing growth and enlarging/updating facilities; Dustin is leading with vision. Christ Community, Toano (Rev. Randy Garner) has hired a new staff member. ___ Let’s move forward with confidence and faith. I believe that God can help us have a GREAT ending to the church year. I want to hear of baptisms and other stories of life change throughout our two beautiful states. 

Please allow me to THANK YOU for your service to Jesus and to TWC. Whether you are clergy or lay I want you to know that I value you. Your investment in the Church, the Body of Christ, will yield eternal benefits. Not all that you do or give will always be seen here or now, some things will not be revealed until God pulls back the curtain of eternity. The Church of Jesus Christ is not a human business or enterprise, The Church is a divine and living organism. PLEASE continue to give your life for the cause of Christ, you’ll not regret it! “Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on us.”

This Week’s Prayer Needs:
1. Dr. Brady Stephens – continues to request prayer for his wife, Jenny; his dear mother has been diagnosed with COVID 19 and is dealing with other physical issues.
2. Mrs. Lin Koppen – is battling cancer and in treatment.
3. Mrs. Janelle Keaton – is fighting stage 4 cancer.
4. Rev. David Drury – our HQ’s Chief of Staff is dealing with significant health issues; our brother is in intense pain.
5. The Reggie Graham Family – my childhood friend lost his wife, Ellen to COVID last week.

Have a wonderful weekend and a supernatural day on Sunday!

Pastor Greg