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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

Shenandoah Teammates,
    Christian greetings. HE IS RISEN!!!!!! 
    The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. AND the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful” II Timothy 2:23-24. ___ I challenge and encourage you, in these days of division and tension, not to fall into a “trap of quarreling”; also don’t allow it to take place in the church you serve. Remember that Satan is a divider and destroyer; he doesn’t care how he does it. 
    The week has been quite active on my end. Last Friday(5th) we hosted our Fall DBA meeting at the district office. Sunday(7th) found me in Altavista, VA in the a.m. fellowshipping and worshipping at Crosspoint, Altavista. It was a joy to connect with Pastor Rick Boda and his flock; the people were warm and kind. A parking lot that was once practically empty at the Wesleyan Church in that town is now practically full. PTL!! You can how full it is from a picture this last Sunday. Pastor Rick preached a wonderful message from Acts reminding us about our “connections.” The worship team did a splendid job; the body is made up of different generations. We have a good thing going in Altavista. COME ON, SOMEBODY!!!! ___ In the p.m. we worshipped in Christiansburg, VA at Christ Wesleyan(Rev. Gale Janofski). The local church is in a revival series and the Lord is moving in their midst. Fellow Wesleyans from Blacksburg, First, Three Strand, and Mountain View, have supported their sister church as well. __ In other district news from Sunday, Jordantown Wesleyan(Rev. Lewis Brandon) had a Spirit-anointed day. God is moving at JWC and “God things” are happening. AMEN!!!! At New Post Church(Pastor Brandon Woodard) in Fredericksburg, VA, Pastor Brandon announced to the church family that the DBA had approved and given the green light for their building project to begin; he said the people “exploded” when they heard the news! I hope that he was able to clean up the mess after the explosion. LOL ___ Christ Community, Toano(Rev. Randy Garner) had a house FULL on Sunday as people are returning and restrictions are being lifted. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!” HELP ME OUT, SOMEBODY!!! 
     We are receiving mid-year and quarterly reports; thank you so very much. We review the reports and follow up as we feel appropriate. At the halfway point in the church year, it might be a good time to look over the church’s insurance policy. Are things sufficiently covered? Are premiums up to date? Insurance policies that are “out of sight and out of mind” can fall behind and not be very helpful in case/time of need. Reach out to Pastor Tim if you are looking for an updated list of what should be covered.
     Last week I reminded us about our missional or community-based ministries in Shenandoah. We truly have a mission field right within our own borders of VA and WV. Someone made a great suggestion that I provide the contact information of those ministries to make it easier for churches or people to connect with them. We hope this will help you as you consider sharing with one or more of these ministries. Thank you a ton!  

  1. Made New Ministry is located at 673 Mountaineer Highway or at PO Box 823 in Mullens, WV 25882.
  2. Faith Community is located at 614 Florida St or PO Box 10206 in Charleston, WV 25357.
  3. Three Mile Wes is located at 817 Three Mile Road in Elkview, WV 25071.
  4. The Gathering is located at 514 Myrtle St or PO Box 3180 in Parkersburg, WV 26101.
  5. New Hope Fellowship is at PO Box 219 Fairfax, VA 22038.

    It was a privilege for Kylee, Pastor Tim, and me to host the annual New Pastor’s Orientation on Tuesday(9th). NPO had been scheduled for October but had to be moved due to a funeral that I was called into. Rev. & Mrs. A.C. Palmer, Rev. Joshua Householder, and Pastor Tim Wright met with us for lunch, fellowship, and orientation, Shenandoah style. 😊 The teammates left with info overload, but our time together was great! We were missing a few other new pastors, but we plan to catch up with them a bit later in beautiful West VA. 
    This Week’s Prayer Needs:

  1. Mrs. Lin Koppen – is awaiting some recent test results and having more tests soon.
  2. Mrs. Karen Watts – has recently found out that she has a mass on her thyroid; testing (ultrasound) will take place this month yet. 
  3. Mrs. Penny Gogus – is under doctor’s care as they navigate her physical need. 
  4. Pastor Scott Phillips – is recovering from recent surgery; he is wanting to get up and back to the flock. 
  5. Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez – is struggling physically plus has a “heavy” funeral Thursday. One of the men at Vinton Wes passed very suddenly on Sunday. Would you pray for our brother and the Vinton church? 
  6. Little Abigail Gorsline – is recovering from a broken leg in two separate places. OUCH!!! Abigail is the daughter of Rev. & Mrs. Paul Gorsline.
  7. El Salvador – December 2 -9… want to go????? Contact me!!

     Have a great rest of the week.
     YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!
     Pastor Greg