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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

December 6, 2017

Men and Women of God,

Upon the announcement to Mary that she was going to give birth to Jesus, one of the things that Gabriel said to her was, “for nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37.  __ What seems “impossible” in your situation right now? Embrace the truth that ALL things are possible with Almighty God.

A year from now, if Jesus tarries, pastors and spouses will be looking forward to The Gathering in Orlando, FL. The dates are January 9-12, 2019 and hopefully the Florida skies will be sunny. 😊 I really would like for you and your team to be a part of the time being planned with you in mind. Once again, if we can keep those USF dollars coming in, I’ll be asking the district board to provide a scholarship to help you get there. The venue where the event will take place is very nice; we had a DS Institute there last year. As you begin to think about your ’18-’19 local church budget, please keep The Gathering in mind. I don’t want you to miss it!!!!

Last week found me in and out of the office plus enjoying some miles on the road. It was a joy to connect and speak at Waynesboro Wes (Craig Horton) last Wednesday night; I also had a productive meeting with the LBA. Following the evening ministry responsibilities Brother Craig (Yankee’s fan) and I enjoyed fellowship while consuming Five Guys Burgers and Fries! After sitting on I-81 for 30 minutes or more due to an accident I got home around 11:30. On Saturday I drove to WV to be a part of a surprise 60th birthday party of one of colleagues. On Sunday morning I had the privilege of being and preaching at Three Mile Wes (Ronnie Foreman). The Lord really helped us; I enjoyed the worship hour in full. A wonderful group of young people responded to the altar invitation; my heart was thrilled to have their listening ears through the entire message. The title of my message was, “What Did God See in Mary?” The kids were right with me. Praise the Lord!!!!! Following a good LBA meeting I made my way back safe and sound to The Old Dominion. On another note, I met with my accountability partner for our monthly meeting. Are you in an intentional accountability relationship? Mine has served me well……

Perhaps you know by now, but in case you do not, I report that our own Jonny Blatt is on the ground in El Salvador! Jonny is scheduled to serve there for a year; many of our local churches have made that possible. Thanks a bunch!! I/we so appreciate your support of the partnership in El Salvador. It’s a joy for Shenandoah to have Rebecca Miller (Czech Republic), V-Team (Central American Training) and of course, Jonny, representing Christ and our district abroad. Would you pray for these missionaries? By the way, Jonny shared in an email just today that our National Superintendent in El Salvador, Rene Melendez, prayed for all the churches in Shenandoah in a recent prayer session. That’s cool!!!!!!

If you’ve had a chance to glance/read through the recent newsletter you can truly see that we have good things happening in VA and WV. Last weekend Crosspoint baptized 5 new believers and at First Simple Church 3 people crossed the line of faith. COME ON SOMEBODY!!

This week’s prayer concerns:
1. Rev. Steve Miller – is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
2. Rev. Jim Alley – is in chemo treatments; his wife, Elaine is recovering from recent surgery.
3. Rev. Barry Shaffer – had a place removed from one of his arm’s that is suspicious.
4. Pastor Nelson Parker – has been discharged and is doing quite well. PTL!
5. Rev. Herb Shaffer – recovering nicely from surgery two weeks ago.
6. Pastor’s Prayer Retreat….. January 14-16.

Have a GREAT rest of the week.


Pastor Greg

Leadership Tip: “Many brilliant people believe that ideas move mountains. But bulldozers move mountains; ideas show where the bulldozer should go to work.”
                                                                   Peter F. Drucker

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