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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

Dear Fellow Wesleyans,

Christian greetings from Roanoke!!

In my personal Bible reading I’ve been plowing through all those names in I Chronicles. Wow!!! As I began II Chronicles today I was impressed with Solomon’s request in 1:10, “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” __ I resonate with that request and I’m sure that every local church pastor does as well. This Kingdom Work is God’s Work and we cannot do it in our own strength and knowhow. Books, seminars, and podcasts are just what they are and no argument that they are good and helpful, BUT without God’s spirit, wisdom and Word we’re sunk. Seek Him and His ways!!! Thank you for serving!!! 

After a two week break I have been back this week and it’s been full. I’ve been on the road in northern WV and southern VA. Meetings and connections have been happening all week; things are happening in Shenandoah for sure. Be looking this next week for the fall edition of the district newsletter and you’ll get a bit more up to date. It’s been fun being out and about; I love VA and WV.

On behalf of Becky, Bobby, and Lisa, I want to wish all of you a great Labor Day Weekend. Please kick back tomorrow and on Monday if you possibly can. I realize that Sunday is “work day” so to speak, but don’t allow the ministry load to overwhelm the whole weekend. Our Clergy Care Director(Sam Frye) would say, “you to play and rest”. 

What are you reading these days? Is your activity on the internet becoming of a Christ Follower? How about your relationship with those who are not your wife or husband? Brothers/Sisters, we are held at a higher standard. You are called by God and He can keep you clean!! AMEN!!!!


Pastor Greg

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