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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

October 13, 2017

Greetings from Roanoke,

Solomon says, “In the way of righteousness there is life; along that path is immortality” (Proverbs 12:28). ___ Let’s live and preach righteousness. God’s ways are right ways!!!

Last week found me in the wonderful state of West Virginia. As you know I was in a revival series at Cuzzart Wes (Joe Carpenter), but also in Tuesday (3rd) evening meeting at Life Gate Church (Aaron Knotts) in Terra Alta, WV and spent some quality time with Brian Kiehl (New Beginnings). I appreciate those teammates and their service in northern WV. It was also good to spend time with our Western Area Liaison, Brady Stephens. Dr. Brady is a real help to me and us. This week has been an office week before I hit the “road” again next week. This coming Lord’s Day I’m scheduled to be at Christiansburg Wesleyan.

For informational reasons, but also for “example” purposes I want to let you know that from this time forward I will be taking Tuesday mornings as a personal Sabbath. Like many of you Sunday tends to be more of a work day so I’m going to rest, read, reflect and recreate on Tuesday mornings to begin with. My Sabbath practice may not end with a Tuesday morning, but that’s where I’m starting…… I want you also to have a Sabbath Rest. We were not made to go 24/7, we are men/women of The Book and we need to model in this never stopping society what Sabbath looks like. I hope that you will follow my example.

What’s going on for Pastor Appreciation? I would love to hear some stories. Did I ever share with you that while pastoring in MI one of our young couples took Becky and me on a Caribbean cruise for Pastor Appreciation? I have to confess that’s over the top a bit, but we sure valued the gift/love. I sure appreciate you and your family; you all serve sacrificially in many ways. THANK YOU for being on our team. Don’t forget that the main Pastor Appreciation will take place in “a land that is fairer than day”. 😊 I plan to be there!!!!!! COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!!!!

I appreciate those who have responded to the hurricane relief efforts; some in Texas and others in Florida. Poured-Out is still on the ground in Florida and could use our continued help. I have asked our district treasurer to send money to assist and they are still in need of volunteers. In a couple more weeks they will be ready for men/women who can help with roofing. If you are able to lead a skilled team from your local church please contact me ASAP. You can donate by going to www.poured-out.org/florida.

EXPONENTIAL ’18 is coming quickly. The dates for ’18 are February 26 – March 1. If you desire and plan to be a part of Exponential please go to Wesleyan.org and purchase your ticket. District CMAD director (Steve O’Dell) will reimburse you and thus the district will buy your ticket. A conference like this would be a CEU opportunity once our requirements are up and running. Just a thought. 😊

Allow me to remind you that my calendar is a bit more open this year for local church visits. I’ve stayed busy responding to invitations since conference. I am also open for revivals should you want me to serve. Please understand that I’m not suggesting that you have me for a revival series, but I believe in them and am willing to partner with you.

What are you reading these days? I encourage you to keep a book somewhere close so you can glean good truth along the journey. I just completed a wonderful book and have also recently started making my way through “Surrender” by Dr. Wayne Schmidt. It was fun giving “Surrender” away as gifts at our CCR.

This week’s prayer concerns….
Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez – is recovering at home from another heart procedure. Our dear brother had a very scary spell earlier in the week. __ The Rodriguez’s continue to mourn the loss of their dad.
Rev. David Henry – continues to battle an auto-immune disease. 
Dr. David Hurd – remains under doctor’s care and in therapy…..
Pastor Arnold Barnes – is dealing with a physical issue that doesn’t allow him to work; I think he’s going crazy sitting at home. 😊
Mrs. Jenny Stephens – has a serious liver disease.
Clearview Wes – begins a revitalization journey next weekend.
Re:Claim Church – launches their first daughter campus this Sunday!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend, Lord’s Day and week ahead.


Pastor Greg

Leadership Tip: “You’ll never be more than 80% ready.”
                                                                 Andy Stanley

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