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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

November 7, 2019

Shenandoah Teammate,

Christian greetings! To God be the glory!!!!
While reading today in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah I learned how different “groups” were responsible for rebuilding certain sections of the wall around Jerusalem (chapter 3). As I pondered that scenario I envisioned specific zones/clusters within the district being responsible for planting churches in their surrounding zip codes. Why can’t a cluster of local Wesleyan churches come together and share their resources (people, prayer, money, etc.) to launch new congregations in their areas? I believe that we could do something like that!!! Would YOU, yes YOU, listen for a calling of God to lead a cluster movement like that? If so, contact Tim Kirkpatrick or myself. Let’s be a part of closing the Gospel Gap in VA and WV; let’s “rebuild the walls”. 

Thank you to those who have midyear/developing reports in already. All reports are due to my desk by the 15th; we do review the reports. I recently had to complete an assignment for Dr. Wayne Schmidt and I’m currently working on assignments for a DS Cohort that I’ll be a part of beginning next week. We all have people that we’re accountable to. I appreciate you being sincerely attentive to the required reports this month. Don’t be late.

Last Sunday Becky and I were in Patrick County at Minnies Chapel Wesleyan (Rev. Gary Combs). A wonderful group of people gathered in for worship and fellowship; new people were there that I’ve never seen before. The congregation was made up of people of all ages and different races. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Pastor Gary shared with us a great message; he is thrilled to be serving the local church. Gary shared with me that in over 30 years of ministry, the season he is currently in is the best season ever. AMEN!!!! ___ First Simple Church (Dr. Sam Frye) had 3 people cross the line of faith last Sunday; a baptismal service will take place this coming Sunday!! THANK GOD!!!! Christ Community Church (Crewe, VA) sponsored a fundraiser last weekend that produced 100 people or more; on Sunday their primary worship attendance was around 35. WONDERFUL!!!!! Welcome Wesleyan (Pastor Reed Goe) had a community gathering on 10/31 that saw over 300 people show up! THANK THE LORD!!!!!! ___ I’d love to hear the great stories coming from your local church.

I/we want to congratulate Pastor Corey and Brittany Adkins on the birth of their new son!!! His name is Kaynen Brooks Adkins…. His big sister and brother are happy too.  The Adkins are leading a great ministry in the Huntington, WV area.

This week’s prayer concerns:
1.  Rev. Roy Rogers – is battling brain and colon cancer.
2.  Mrs. Debbie Frye – continues to make good progress after experiencing a very bad fall.
3.  Rev. Randy Watts – is recovering from recent surgery; he is praising the Lord!
4.  The Family of Rev. Bob James (Retired) – as they grieve the loss of Pastor Bob. Please pray especially for his wife, Starr.
5.  Mrs. Ida Barnes – continues a journey towards a possible liver transplant.
6.  Rev. & Mrs. Ricardo Rodriguez – are struggling physically.
7.  Rev. Randy Garner – is doing very well following knee replacement; walker and cane are GONE!!!
8.  Unspoken Requests….. I, like you, can’t share everything, but the needs are real. Thank you!
9.  DBA Meeting – the fall session is tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the week. The Lord bless you!

Pastor Greg

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