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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

October 18, 2019

Wesleyan Colleague,

“To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy__ to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen”  Jude 24-25.

I hope that you’re experiencing a wonderful Pastor’s Appreciation Month.  I’m hearing some good reports for which I’m very grateful. Serving as a local church pastor-leader has always had its challenges I’m sure, but 21st century pastoring seems to have added pressures/challenges. Perhaps I’m wrong in my assessment, but I don’t think I’m wrong. I so appreciate the calling you fulfill and the job you do. I hope your flock is “loving all over” you and your family. 

What are you doing to enhance the welcome at your local church? Here are a few suggestions that may help: (1) Don’t refer to guests as visitors, that’s the old term from when I was a kid. A visitor is one who comes and goes, doesn’t stay long. A guest is one to whom hospitality is extended and is highly honored by the hosts. You also want to greet your guests with a host not a greeter. Terminology is important in the day we live. (2) Have parking lot hosts, balloons, banners, etc. that says “something is going on here”. Don’t forget we want people to come to a glorious gathering not a memorial service. (3) Directional signs once guests enter the building; hosts available to guide. A host should take a mother/dad to the child care area not point them in the direction. (4) Sanctuary or worship center hosts are another welcoming suggestion. Designated people should be looking for and extending a hand/smile to guests. (5) Guest information material is saying to our newcomers “we want you to know what’s going on here”. (6) Music(live or cd’s) playing prior to worship is warm, inviting, and appreciated by guests. I hope these help. 

Last weekend was a huge one for Becky and me. On Saturday we made our way to the WV/Kentucky border and Williamson Wesleyan Church. We engaged in a Saturday night activity and then served in the Sunday morning worship hour. Williamson is one of two district churches without a pastor right now. I had the privilege of preaching and we all enjoyed the ministry of Kentucky Mountain Bible College; the college shared very good musical talent with us. Following a fantastic church luncheon and a meeting with the LBA we made our way back to VA. Becky and I love the people of WWC. ___ I’m hearing good reports from district churches. Three Mile in Elkview, WV had a person cross the line of faith two weeks ago, Three Strand in Blacksburg continues to see new guests every week, and Christ Community, Crewe (VA) has welcomed over 30 in worship two Sundays in a row. Now 30 may not seem like very many to you, but just over a year ago the church was having 10 in worship. I like that percentage of increase!! COME ON SOMEBODY!!!! Praise the Lord for His help!!!! 

I want to remind and encourage you to keep the district prayer calendar in front of you. I keep mine in my Bible where I read daily. Prayer IS the Work!!!!! I’ve been praying that God would send 2 to 3 new families to our churches; that could be a game changer for many. Would you join me in that prayer? 

This week’s prayer concerns:
1.  Pastor Nelson Parker (Raven Rock) – has been recovering from surgery in rehab; he’s scheduled to be discharged today. Amen!
2.  Rev. Randy Garner – rehabbing his new knee; he will be up and running again soon. 
3.  Rev. Roy Rogers – is scheduled for a MRI at Johns Hopkins next week; Roy is dealing with some cancer issues.
4.  Rev. Craig Horton – continues to recover from recent surgery.
5.  Mrs. Ida Barnes – is dealing with a very significant liver issue.
6.  The David Hurd Family – as they grieve their recent loss.
7.  True Revival – in and through The Church!

Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day on Sunday. 


Pastor Greg

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