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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

January 15, 2020

Shenandoah Teammate,

In John 8:31 it’s recorded where Jesus said to the Jews who had believed on him, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.” __ Our Lord’s teaching (Matthew 28:19) is that we “go and make disciples”. Disciples who make disciples are holding to His teaching. We have a lot of counties and zip codes to reach in Shenandoah. 

We are just days away from the start of the Pastor’s Prayer Retreat! Sunday afternoon/evening will find many of us gathering at Camp Bethel in Fincastle for a time of listening, praying, and thinking; we’ll have some good fellowship too.  Don’t forget that the coffee and donuts will be ready by 4:00 at the latest on Sunday; feel free to check in about that time. Be sure to bring something to write on. We have a good group of pastor-leaders signed up. 

As you begin to think about Lent and Easter, you perhaps are looking for resources to consider. Free media resources for the coming season can be found at resources.wesleyan.org/lent. Feel free to check these out to see if they can serve you. Easter is on April 12th… start making plans now. HE LIVES!

Last Sunday Becky and I had the joy of being at Aiken Summit Wesleyan Church with Pastor & Mrs. Arnold Barnes. A good group of people gathered in for worship and fellowship. Brother Arnold shared his pulpit with me and the people listened and responded very well. Following an excellent LBA meeting we had a great lunch with the Barnes. Aiken Summit, which is located in Axton, VA, is celebrating the fact that new attendees are showing up. PTL!!!!! Also on Sunday, Rev. Steve O’Dell shared his plans to step down as lead pastor at Emmanuel Wes. Our brother had shared with me some time ago that he had made the decision. Pastor Steve and Annie have done an excellent job at EWC; they stepped into a toxic situation over 8 years ago. I so appreciate their service and will truly miss them. Steve and I were colleagues back in East MI; he’s always been in my corner. 

Last Friday night Gale Janofski (Christ Wesleyan) and I attended the 2020 Championship Stampede Rodeo in Salem! Ride’em Cowboy!!!! I had to hold Pastor Gale back from jumping into the ring and mounting a horse. LOL  I told Gale that when I retire I may take up bull riding; I enjoyed watching that part of the rodeo. It was good to get out for an evening and do something a little bit different. 

I hope that you will lead your people in celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life this month. Let’s take a positive and informative stand for something that matters to Almighty God. If you need some guidance or resources, feel free to contact Rev. Myron Atkinson who gives leadership to us relating to moral and current issues. 

This Week’s Prayer Needs:
1. Rev. Roy Rogers – is bedridden and mostly non-responsive now.
2.  Mrs. Jenny Stephens – will undergo a surgical procedure tomorrow in Parkersburg.
3.  Rev. Craig Horton – goes in this coming Monday for another surgery.
4.  Dr. Ken Foutz – mourns the passing of his wife, Alice.
5.  Mrs. Ida Barnes – continues to deal with a liver disease and wait for a transplant.
6.  Dr. Sam Frye – will be having knee surgery next Wednesday.
7.  Rev. Barry Van Steenburg – is serving in Central America this week.
8.  The Prayer Retreat…………………….

Have a great rest of the week. Call if you need us.

Pastor Greg

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