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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

August 6, 2020

Wesleyan Colleagues,

Christian greetings. JESUS CHRIST IS KING!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!

In Deuteronomy 4:39, “Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and ON THE EARTH below. There is NO OTHER.” ___ I remind you that Almighty God is completely on The Throne. This week’s headlines read: “CHRIST FOLLOWERS EXCITED ABOUT THEIR ETERNAL KING, NO ELECTION NEEDED!!” 

Last week I had the joy of rubbing shoulders with teammates at our family camp weekend. The meetings on the grounds in Culloden, WV were special indeed. I was so pleased with the response to the altered plans; praise the Lord! The Lord met with us on Friday night as the Holy Spirit moved in our hearts and midst. People were expressive in their worship/ praise and several made the old altar a place of prayer. On Saturday morning I was grateful for all who supported the special time of memory for the late Rev. David Hurd. I was very appreciative of district pastor’s that gathered in and represented their local church in the memorial offering. THANK YOU to all of you who carved out the time to travel and attend. Dr. Brady Stephens preached on Saturday night and highlighted a truth that I’m not over yet. We enjoyed nightly fellowship campfires and a great all camp picnic on Saturday. If you weren’t able to be with us you missed a quality time with fellow Wesleyans. Next year’s dates are currently scheduled for August 1 – 8; please reserve the time now. 

This past Lord’s Day Becky and I were at our camp where we both served throughout the entire weekend. We enjoyed  an excellent Sunday School class taught by the Rev. John Hathaway, one of our retired ministers. Brother John did a good job with a challenging topic. __ In Covington, VA a teenage boy crossed the line of faith at Covington Wes!!! COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!! Pastor Matt Alford and I have been praying specifically about some things….. God is answering prayer! 

I am pleased to announce that Jordantown Wesleyan has identified a pastoral candidate. The candidate and his family will be with the JWC folks the weekend of August 16th. The LBA moved quickly and yet responsibly through the search process. Would you pray about the vital decisions that will need to be made?

The ordination service scheduled for August 29th at 5:00 p.m. is undergoing a location change. Originally scheduled for Emmanuel Wesleyan in Roanoke we are now transitioning to Roanoke, Parkway. Due to physical distancing and seating capacity restrictions we have determined that we need a larger space. I truly appreciate Dr. John Ott and his team for allowing us to invade their building on a Saturday evening. PLEASE make note of the change of location and plan to be at ordination on the 29th. Should you have any question feel free to contact me. ___ The second ordination service of the year is scheduled for September 13th at Brookhill Wesleyan; starting time the 13th will be 5:00. 

How are the quarterly reports coming along? August 15th is the due date; we are already receiving reports. The DBA meets the 21st so if Developing Churches need major business acted on we’ll need to hear from them asap. It’s a privilege to partner with our churches that are in the process of developing. Our ultimate goal is Established Church Status. 

The Captain is on vacation right now; he’ll be back sometime next week. Let’s give him space and allow him to rest. I know that you join me in expressing appreciation for Bobby’s service among us. 

    This Week’s Prayer Concerns:
1. Mrs. Ida Barnes – is seriously ill and in need of a liver transplant. 
2. Mrs. Jenny Stephens – continues to struggle daily.
3. Mrs. Debbie Frye – is recovering from surgery.
4. Those Discouraged – in these days of virus and unrest. 
5. Our District – as leadership plans for the future.

Have a great rest of the week. Stay surrendered to the Holy Spirit, preach heart holiness, and don’t drink the “kool-aid” of an ever growing secular society. Remember that we have The Good News!!! 

Pastor Greg


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