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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

December 2, 2020

District Colleagues,

Christian greetings. HE IS RISEN!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!

The Apostle John wrote the following to Gaius, “.. I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” III John 2 ___ In these crazy days in which we live I hope/pray that you are well. Please be assured that I care about and love you sincerely. Almighty God IS in control and He is working all things for our good. Do you believe that? 

Thanksgiving is history for another year and now we find ourselves in the Advent season. I hope that you had a great holiday last week and were able to get some relaxation. Our family gathered and we had a big time of fellowship; we had to include Christmas into the weekend also. You can imagine that Grandpa and Grandma were tired out when it was all over. LOL Becky has actually been a bit under the weather this week, but is on the mend; she would value your prayers. To my knowledge I am well and for that I’m mighty grateful. PTL!!! ___ How is Christmas going to look around your local church this year? As we endeavor to stay well and safe, I do encourage you to not give in to fear of “what if”, but to lead with wisdom and hope. The Christmas season is the season of Hope and leaders need to inspire hope to their congregations. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can have an epic Christmas celebration in and around our local churches. 

    This past Lord’s Day was a home church Sunday for us; I endeavor to have us in our home church (Parkway, Roanoke) about every 6 weeks or so. Parkway (Dr. John Ott) has done very well during this COVID-19 season; attendance is up and finances have been quite good. Parkway is planning to significantly support 4 local ministries during this sacred season. Thank the Lord! ___ Waynesboro Wes (Pastor Dustin Gilmer) had an excellent day on Sunday, both morning and evening. Worship attendance is up at WWC, new people are coming, and people are seeking the Lord! COME ON SOMEBODY!!! Brother Dustin is being mentored by Rev. Neil Koppen (Parkway, Staunton) and is “hitting the ball out of the park”. To God be the glory!! I’m hearing other excellent reports from across the region; the Lord is helping us. 

    Allow me to share with you that the General Board of TWC has made the decision to postpone General Conference yet again. General Conference will take place in June of 2022 if our Lord tarries. We are not any where close to making a decision about our district gathering for next summer. I have actually had that question already. As of now we are planning to gather July 12 &13 for the annual business conference. Hopefully with a vaccine ready for use we will be in a much better situation by summer. I am hopeful that our children and teen camps will also be available for the great students of VA and WV. 

Pastor Darrell and Sarah Thornton have received the blessing of two foster children. The little boys are giving them a run for their money with all their energy and needs. LOL The Thornton’s lead the work in Wyoming County, West VA (Made New Church). By the way, please pray for Brother Darrell. One of the two buildings they rent for ministry is being sold out from under them; the search is on for significant new space. What would it look like for the people you serve and lead to engage in taking in foster children? Could that be a means of discipleship?

    Prayer Concerns…..
1. The Family of Dr. Earle Wilson – our former GS passed away last week; Dr. Wilson was a strong leader and great preacher.
2. Rev. Chris Shinn and his son, Eli – both tested positive for COVID-19 recently. Young Eli is doing better.
3. Mrs. Paige Brookens (Vienna Wesleyan) – has said “good night” to her mother. The death caught the family by surprise….. Pastor Rick is also recovering from COVID and doing very well. 
4. Rev. Marty Furrow – continues to go through a series of physical tests. 
5. The Work in El Salvador – our local churches have been greatly affected by COVID. Please remember them this Christmas.
6. Mrs. Julie Voss – the wife of Dr. Todd Voss (SWU) is dealing with very significant health issues. 
7. Church Planters Needed – in Shenandoah and beyond……. 
8. REVIVAL – in our hearts first and in our churches second. 

Have a great rest of the week. 

Pastor Greg

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