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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

District Teammates and Friends,
Christian greetings. HE IS RISEN!!!!!
God says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18). Words are truly powerful, more than we realize. Hurtful, insulting, degrading words open the door to demonic strongholds in the lives of others; those kinds of words even open doors in the life of the one speaking them. May our WORDS be healing not harmful.
Last week was full on my end. I shared with you about the sudden passing of a long-time family friend, Mrs. Luanne Kelley. Becky and I were asked by the Kelley family to have a major part in Luanne’s memorial service. On Thursday afternoon we set out for Michigan to prepare for Monday afternoon’s service. The Lord helped us as we had a big part in the music and I had the privilege of preaching. The Kelley family is an amazing family of faith; we were highly honored to have such a part. We arrived back to the Roanoke Valley Tuesday evening. On Wednesday (13th) I met with a good group of teammates for fellowship and sharing followed by a full afternoon/evening. I’m thankful to be feeling close to 100%; I feel really good. PTL!
Last Sunday in Stuart, VA, Minnies Chapel Wesleyan Church had a great day that included 4 baptisms. COME ON SOMEBODY!!! The Rev. Gary Combs serves as Pastor of the local church; he and his wife, Phyllis are doing a wonderful job. I hope that you enjoy the pictures that we are including. __ In Roanoke at Emmanuel Wes they had their first Holiness Summit (to become an annual event). The attendance, on-campus and online, was very good for the first of its kind summit. “Holiness unto the Lord is our watchword and song.” ___ This week at Parkersburg Wesleyan Academy the students hit the pumpkin patch on a field trip; our new school is two months old and the students are thriving. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!
I want to challenge you again to make the Exponential Roundtable a priority. We are planning to gather in Lynchburg (Crosspoint Church) on the 25th for a day of learning, strategizing, and fellowship. Our teammate, Jess, will not waste your time, he will provide a great day. Ministerial and laity alike can be a part of the roundtable. IF you haven’t let us know that you and your team are planning to be there please do that asap! Thanks a bunch!
The dates for Children’s Camp ’22 have been set and they are June 12 – 17. Would you block those dates off now on the church calendar? The camp is for those going into the 3rd grade through grade 6. I believe there will be the option of campers staying nights and campers attending during the day only.
If you serve a Developing Church I want to remind you that the DBA will be meeting on November 5th, the Lord willing. Any official business that is needed in your local church needs DBA action. For example, membership candidates must have board action before they are officially received into actual membership. Should the church have a major expense that needs DBA approval you need to submit that request. Please have any such items to the district office by 10/27 at the latest. Feel free to call either myself or Pastor Tim if you need to talk through some things. We’re here to help you not make it harder on you. ___ Mid-year and quarterly reports will be due no later than 11/15. Developing churches will have two reports to submit. ☹  Don’t you just love me!!!!!!!! 😊
This Week’s Prayer Needs:
1.    Pastor Corey Adkins – said “good night” to his grandmother a few weeks ago. Somehow I totally missed that for which I apologize to our brother. We love Corey, Brittany, and family; there’s an empty chair at their family dinner table.
2.    Mrs. Lisa Turner – the daughter of Brother and Sister Reed Goe(Welcome Wes), is battling covid. Lisa was hospitalized but thankfully has been discharged.
3.    Mr. Austin VanSteenburg – the second eldest son of Barry and Christy, was in a serious sports accident this week. Young Austin is in a SC hospital but is expected to recover. Christy flew in from Panama to be with Austin.
4.    Pastor Scott Phillips – continues to recover from a significant medical issue. His wife Nann also lost her dad a few weeks ago.
5.    Rev. Randy Watts – is recovering from a second surgery; he is mainly dealing with weakness now.
Have a great rest of the week.
Pastor Greg