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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

Men and Women of Almighty God,
Christian greetings. HE IS RISEN!!!!!
Twenty years ago our country and world was shaken by the events of 9/11. We were a people who recognized that we needed God's intervention and divine healing. In Exodus 15:26, right at the end of the verse, God says, “…….. I am the Lord, who heals you.” ___ . Twenty years later and our society and world truly stand in need of divine healing. As the foundations around us are crumbling, may the true preachers of the Gospel call sin what it is and then point men and women to the refuge of the cross of Jesus.
I need to inform you that Jenny Stephens stepped across the line of worlds this morning (10th) around 8:00am. Our sister traveled a long, painful road, but she has now received the healing of heaven and looked upon your Savior’s precious face. We know nothing about details as of yet, but will communicate with you ASAP. Would you pray for Dr. Brady and his son, Parker? I can share with you that Pastor David Jones and Pastor Melody Smith will give leadership to the services.
With Labor Day now behind us, I hope that you are ready to launch an offensive that will take your local church through Christmas. Also, we have district gatherings in front of us with the Clergy Care Retreat later this month; an Exponential Roundtable will then follow in late October. These events are designed to help you, your local church, and your ministry. Let’s endeavor to sharpen our existing tools and pick up new ones for our toolbox. I believe that both of the fall events will be epic.
Listen to this news out of Waynesboro Wes (Pastor Dustin Gilmer). An 8-year-old boy in the church recently donated 15 inches of his hair for “Wigs for Kids.” The haircut was the first big cut of his young life. The organization that he donated to provides wigs for children who’ve lost their hair due to medical conditions. The young Wesleyan said, “I want to help sick kids who don’t have hair.” PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Laken Johnson is a champion and hero! ___ In Parkersburg, WV the Parkersburg Wesleyan Academy opened its doors for the first time ever. The goal was to launch with 25 students; they currently have an enrollment of 27. The goal of our academy is to provide students with a biblical worldview education and teach the doctrine of holiness to each. COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!! And this Sunday is the open house for @homechurch led by Pastor Davana Marcum in Huntington, WV. We have been praying for the multiplication waters to stir, and they are being stirred!
Last of all, I need to let you know that I was diagnosed with Covid late last evening (Thursday). I have been quite ill for over a week. I would value your prayers and the knowledge that your local church is interceding for me. I really haven’t been this sick since I had pneumonia in high school. I’m reminded that our God heals. Thank you.
This Week’s Prayer Needs:
1. The Stephens Family……
2. Rev. Randy Watts – is facing a second surgery in the coming days. Our brother has a serious kidney disorder.
3. Our Nation – faces the 20th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow.
4. Me….
Have a great day on Sunday!
Pastor Greg