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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

August 15, 2017

Men and Women of God,

Acts 7:55 reads this way, “..Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.” ___ Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit? Are you continually being filled with the Spirit? The Holy Spirit is our source of help and power!!

As we “race” toward September and fall I remind you that we cannot significally impact our Lord’s Kingdom in our own intelligence and with our own talent. The work of His Church is supernatural and what He needs/wants we cannot do by ourselves. We must have the Spirit’s help if we are going to make an eternal difference. For example, as a district we want to celebrate at least 600 conversions next summer. We want to give praise for at least 300 baptisms; the first step after conversion in discipleship. We also want to report a primary worship average of no less than 5,250. We can meet these goals with the Holy Spirit’s help; He is our Helper!!!! Remember, some things are unacceptable in Shenandoah, things like reporting no local conversions or baptisms. Not preaching holiness and calling people to decision is unacceptable as well. As Wesleyan’s we believe in the saving and sanctifying work of Almighty God! Let’s pray, believe and work like there’s no tomorrow!!! 😊 Thank you for being on the team!!!!

Last weekend’s tragedy in Charlottesville, VA was a picture of evil. I know that I speak for every member of the district when I say “we strongly condemn” what happened in one of our cities. Radical, divisive, hate groups, whether they be red, yellow, black or white are of Satan. Our problem in this country is not skin, but it’s sin. ___ Let’s be supportive of Rev. Tony Schiavone and our sister church, Cornerstone Community. “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross”. Some of you remember that song don’t you?
Last Sunday Becky and I were once again in WV, this time at Bramwell Wesleyan. I had the joy/privilege of installing Pastor Joey Ryan as pastor. Pastor Joey, Leslie, Chloe and Elias have hit the ground running in Bramwell and the congregation has more than doubled in primary worship! The people were full of smiles as they officially welcomed the Ryan’s. ___ I’ve been hearing other good reports this month. With the Spirit’s help we can have an epic run through Christmas!!!!!

Developing Church Quarterly Reports are now due! We already have a good number of reports, but certainly not all of them. If your’s is in, great job!!!!! Don’t forget, “half time” reports will be due November 15th; that is for everyone. Would you mark that on your calendar right now?
The annual MSG, going forward CCR, is coming quickly. I believe you know that I want all to be in Staunton, Virginia September 28 – 30. You may register by going to the district website; you may also pay online too. Our theme this year is “REST…. For the Run of Your Life”. You’ll enjoy the time. This will be the last Clergy Care Retreat until after “The Gathering” in January 2019. Please, please sign up today for September!!!! THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS IS AUGUST 28TH!!!

Let’s continue to think and pray about church planting and revitalization….. Church planting wheels are turning as I speak and Martinsville, Clearview is scheduled for a revitalization journey beginning this fall. If we are to have a transforming presence in every zip code we have a lot of work to do. How does the Lord want to use your church in expanding The Kingdom? Let us know!!!! 😊

This week’s prayer concerns:
1. Mrs. Jenny Stephens – is dealing with significant health issues.
2. Rev. David Henry – still struggling with the auto-immune disease; was back in the ER last week.
3. Dr. David Hurd – as he continues under doctor’s care; facing major decisions.
4. Mrs. Gwen Larue – the pastor’s wife at Salem, Faith has been ill and under doctor’s care.
5. Miss Louise Carlton - had successful knee replacement and is now at home following rehab. PTL!!!!
6. Unspoken – there are several…….

Have a GREAT rest of the week.

Pastor Greg

Leadership Tip: “Informed people are happy people.”

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