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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

January 13, 2021

Men and Women of the True and Living God,

Christian greetings. HE LIVES AND INTERCEDES ON OUR BEHALF!!!! Glory To God!!!!!! 

David wrote, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…..” Psalm 46: 1- 2a. ___ Aren’t you glad that as Children of Almighty God we are in His hands? YOU are the apple of His eye!!! 

Last week found me having a “visioning” discussion with Rev. Tony Johnson, an excellent CMAD dialogue with Rev. Jess Holmes, and an encouraging call with Rev. BJ Haas. Pastor Jess and I are discussing some resources for the days/weeks ahead that we’re excited about…. Stay tuned. Pastor Tony is dreaming about multiplied ministry in The New River Valley. I was also “holding down the fort” at the district office as the Captain was exposed to COVID-19 and thus working from home. Thank the Lord the Captain and Lisa are feeling well with no symptoms. AMEN!! Last week was good as we moved into the first full week of 2021. THANK YOU for allowing us to serve our beloved district.
This past Lord’s Day, Becky and I were at Penn Forest Wes with Rev. Myron Atkinson and his wonderful team. The entire morning of worship and fellowship was excellent. Pastors Heather and Paul did a superb job in their areas of responsibility and Brother Myron preached a good message. Penn Forest Church is experiencing the blessings of the Lord as He supplies their needs and beyond. Pastor Myron is a true team player as he leads on the local and district levels. Myron is an example of how leading through the storms of life and ministry pay off on the other side of the storms, IF we hang in there. I look forward to the day when PFWC plants a daughter church in Franklin County, VA. __ Following a good/encouraging LBA meeting, Becky and I had a great time of lunch and fellowship with Pastor Myron and Mandy.
I do want to be transparent with you in that I made the call to offer our Pastor’s Prayer Retreat; the decision was a heavy call to make. THANK YOU to all of you who offered your thoughts and counsel. The gathering will be small in size and is at capacity; we’ll be meeting as safely as we can at the Lodestar Mountain Inn in Upper Tract, WV. As Rev. Steve Wingfield says, Upper Tract and the Inn isn’t “at the end of the world, but you can see it from there”. LOL  Those who really want to be together for prayer and fellowship made their individual decision without any influence from others. Would you pray for us as we gather and lean into the theme of “Seeking His Face” from II Chronicles 7:14.  I  am sorry that our original plans did not work out. 

Allow me to encourage you to begin thinking about end of church year responsibilities. The church year will end April 30th if our Lord tarries. It’s not too early to ponder 2021-22 church budget prep, nominating committee process, LCC dates, staff evaluations if applicable, etc. Also, if you haven’t received a W2 form for tax purposes you should be getting that in the next couple of weeks. The new year brings with it additional things to think about and lead through. I remind you also about memorial pictures that we’ll want to use at district conference in July. Please don’t wait until the last minute and then try to find good, quality pictures to submit. We will have lost great Wesleyans this church year, maybe more than normal, and we will want to honor their memory as conference. THANK YOU for your help. 
Let us know IF and how we can help you. I don’t want you to feel as though you are alone and by yourself. I, Bobby, and the DBA are here for you as you endeavor to lead a transforming Wesleyan presence in your zip code and beyond. Let’s press the envelope even in these days of COVID Craziness; God is on the Throne! 

This Week’s Prayer Needs:
1. Rev. Charles Carroll – a retired Wesleyan Minister is gravely ill with pneumonia and COVID as I understand it. 
2. Jenny Stephens – will undergo a surgical procedure tomorrow the Lord willing; obviously the concern and stress is real. Please ask the Lord to give our sister peace. 
3. Lin Koppen – is going through chemo treatments and dealing with the side effects. 
4. Janelle Keaton – has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; she is going through aggressive treatment. 
5. District Family – ill from COVID; thank the Lord many are recovering. AMEN!!! 
6. Our Nation – is divided, sin sick, and in need of Jesus. I’m afraid the Church is divided as well and that’s a matter of great concern. “O God, have mercy on us!”

Have a great rest of the week. Please know that….

Pastor Greg

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