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Greg Reynolds

District Superintendent Weekly Update

September 13, 2018

Shenandoah Colleagues,

The Psalmist wrote, “…….. he stirs up his breezes, and the waters flow” Psalm 147:18:b. The winds are now churning and the waters are “flowing” and will continue to. I hope all will do their best to stay safe in the coming hours. Let’s be in prayer for our brothers/sisters to the south of us. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of any help that we may offer to the Carolinas.

The week has been full so far for me and no doubt for you as well. I had the privilege of being on the road connecting with teammates in the eastern part of our region. Last evening and today (Thursday) I’ve been in Martinsville as we continue to serve the local church in that area. We’re encouraged at Clearview as we are working primarily right now with the core group; in November we’ll begin intentional outreach. Would you pray for us?

Last weekend in Wyoming County (WV) our local church realized over 300 in weekend attendance. Pastor Darrell also shared that 13 people crossed the line of faith! COME ON SOMEBODY!!!!!!!! Made New Church is making a difference in Southern West VA. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Broadcast Church (Jess Holmes) was at 240 in attendance on Sunday and Cornerstone (Tony Schiavone) was right under 500. Crewe Wes (Rick Payne) had their first “big day” since the adoption and enjoyed 45 in worship and fed over 50 following the service. Penn Forest (Myron Atkinson) celebrated their anniversary with a great morning and wonderful fellowship in the afternoon. The Lord is helping us, Shenandoah, let’s keep pressing on and believing!!!

Have you participated in the pastor’s survey that Education & Clergy Services has requested? You should have received the opportunity to “join in” several days ago. I hope that you’ll take some time to help them with their current project. IF you do not have the needed information please call our office, perhaps we can forward it to you. Thanks a bunch!   HQ really tries to do all that they can to serve us.

As the southeast area braces for the hurricane and all it will bring, World Hope is going to be the “go to” organization for TWC. There is already a link on their website for donations…… There is a slight possibility that one or more of our local churches will be staging areas for disaster relief; that all depends on need of course. Let’s be mindful and generous in the coming days.

This Week’s Prayer Concerns:
1. Dr. Art O’Dell – is dealing with significant health issues; he’s currently in a Chicago hospital. Dr. O’Dell is Steve’s dad.
2. Rev. Roy Rogers – awaits a call from Cleveland Clinic regarding a sensitive heart issue and potential surgery.
3. Those grieving the recent loss of loved ones………..
4. Rev. Harold Massey – needs to sell his house in the Bluefield area.
5. Ann Reynolds – is really improving and scheduled to be discharged from rehab next week! PTL!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend in SPITE of the storm. 

Pastor Greg

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